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Home Design Projects in Shellharbour and Wollongong

To ensure that every penny you spend is well worth it, you need to hire a professional designer for your home building design project. Hiring qualified designers will ease your building project since they mostly take care of the significant requirements in the construction and development phases.

Achieving that dream home needs careful planning, particularly on the designing and budgeting side. Every aspect of your home should also be carefully thought of to avoid disappointments, including landscape, site features, thermal performance, floor plan, materials, finishes, and appliances.

For your needs on your new house designs and plans, JIH Building Design is the right partner for you.

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Who We Are

For more than fifteen years in the building industry, we have serviced various homeowners in Shellharbour and Wollongong, ensuring effective project collaboration. We specialise in aiding homeowners in their building projects through our top-quality drafting solutions, ensuring that achieving their concept is touched with expertise and unmatched creativity.

Our team of professionals take pride in being prompt when it comes to delivering our services mixed with integrity. At JIH Building Design, we understand your goal of perfecting your plan for your house designs. With us, you will go through the seamless building of your project!

We will advise and go through the required processes with you to ensure that your designs meet local requirements. We do this by engaging with approval authorities early in the design process. We pursue sustainable design by running your plans through BASIX and thermal assessments to ensure innovation, durability, and sustainability.

Not only that! Our highly-trained staff will be willing to create a 3D visualisation to give you a clearer picture of your design. Our modern software will ensure the precision and accuracy of your designs. Through this approach, we can help you decide what to change and determine what areas still need a touch of creative concept. All these we do to make sure that your home plans fall within your budget but will still be of high quality.

We rely on our mission to provide excellent results to our valued clients because we understand that there’s nothing more fulfilling than having that much-desired dwelling place and knowing that you put your 100% effort into achieving it. Step it up by partnering with a reliable home design team through JIH Building Design!

Our Specially Trained Staff Create 3D Visualisations of Our Designs

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Home Building Design Professionals

Home Building Design

Designing a home is much more complicated than you think it is. To save time and ensure that your concept comes to life, hire home building design professionals. Doing this will not just save you through a lot of time constraints due to research and delays. Hiring us will provide you with ample knowledge regarding your plans in designing a home.

We will pitch in expert advice throughout the construction process whenever you need one. We are dedicated to having smooth construction processes for your custom home project.

Our service goes beyond just providing design for new home. Whenever necessary, we hire consultants to ensure that our clients will not be having a hard time achieving the holistic process of designing a home. JIH Building Design will also service the following: project coordination, feasibility, landscaping, drainage plans, bush fire, flooding studies, and thermal assessments for your home building or development sites.

Our highly-trained staff will interpret your proposed home designs and will not make you regret your choice of hiring us. Nothing short of excellence can be said regarding our successful project collaborations with various clients.

Our confidence in our staff, mixed with honesty and professionalism in handling our clients’ needs on home designs, is what sets us apart from others. JIHN Building Design’s services are not exclusive to help you narrow down your choices for your home plans. Working with us will relieve you of the hassle of sorting the needed documentation and paperwork for the construction process.

You will be spared from going through the gruelling processes that govern the building and construction industry.

When you seek professionals for your home building design projects, JIH Building Design is your one-stop shop. Connect with us, and see our dedication to making that dream home come true.